Zim international lawyer wins Netherlands conservation award

Zim international lawyer wins Netherlands conservation award

By Staff Reporter

The University of Groningen has chosen Zimbabwean nature conservation lawyer Takudzwa Mutezo as the Alumnus of the Year.

Mutezo received the prize for her work in combating illegal animal trade in Zimbabwe.

The attorney, who runs a sustainable urban farm, is committed to nature conservation, fights against wildlife crime on an international level, contributes to legislation.

The university has been presenting the annual Alumnus of the Year- to an exceptional former student since 2009.

Takudzwa Mutezo

The prize is ‘an expression of appreciation as well as encouragement for a former student who has made an exceptional contribution to society, science, sports, or culture; who is an inspiration to others and holds great promise for the future.’

In its citation for Mutezo, the jury of the Alumnus of the Year Award noted that; “Taku inspires and amazes. She is leading the change she wants to see in this world, and how!

“She uses her legal background to underpin her work, address injustice and hold accountable those who are destroying our planet.

“The law is for her a tool, a last resort. Because there is more than guilt and atonement. More important to Taku is convincing, raising awareness and connecting, so that the problem can be tackled at the core.

“These are values ​​that we expressly want to pass on to our students as a university.”

After her studies, Mutezo became, among other things, legal leader of the Tikki Hywood Foundation, an international non-profit organization in Africa that is committed to the sustainable, holistic protection of ecosystems.

Now she works independently, among other things in the protection of pangolins in Mozambique and setting up a non-profit organization that wants to involve the community in protecting and preserving nature and the environment.

She is also the only female board member of the Nyanga Rhodes Estate, one of the most important national parks in Zimbabwe.

For several years she has also been co-owner of a small urban farm that supplies vegetables to supermarkets, among others.

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