UK: Zim man jailed 27 years after murdering ex-partner in front of her children; Moyo was an ‘illegal immigrant, denied asylum’

UK: Zim man jailed 27 years after murdering ex-partner in front of her children; Moyo was an ‘illegal immigrant, denied asylum’

By UK Media

Zimbabwe-born Obert Moyo (48), an illegal immigrant who was denied asylum, has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 27 years for murdering ex-partner Perseverance Ncube (35).

Moyo, of Pennington Road, Bolton, was due to go on trial at Manchester Crown Court but changed his plea to guilty on the first day of the case.

According to police, Moyo and Ncube were in a relationship which had ended before he fatally stabbed her.

Commenting after the sentence, Detective Chief Inspector Gina Brennand said: “In the months leading up to Percy’s death, she was stalked by Obert Moyo.

“He spent hours outside her home, often in the early hours of the morning.

“Police were unaware Percy was being stalked, and she may have not known herself, but we know this to be true from examining CCTV and his immigration electronic monitoring tag.

“He was, in fact, an illegal immigrant, denied asylum and on prison licence following release from a 14-year sentence for a serious assault on a previous partner.”

The late Perseverance Ncube

Moyo fatally stabbed Ncube in the early hours of November 10, 2023 after chasing her along Dukesgate Grove, in Manchester.

Nube rang the emergence services reporting that she was being chased “and, while on the line with the call handler, there were sounds of a disturbance before she collapsed in the street,” reads a police statement of the incident.

“Within 11 minutes officers were first to arrive on scene and immediately began CPR. Percy was found unresponsive and taken to hospital, where she sadly died not long after arriving.

“A Home Office post-mortem confirmed Perseverance died as a result of a stab wound to her chest.”

Police investigators am followed Moyo’s movements in the evening and  obtained CCTV which captured the “vicious attack witnessed by her children and collected forensic evidence tying Moyo to Percy’s murder. We found and arrested him later that morning in Bolton.”

Detective Chief Inspector Brennand said Moyo was “a dangerous and violent man and would not accept his relationship with Percy was over”.

“He broke into her home while she and her children, aged just 10 and 12 at the time, slept and attacked Percy in her bedroom. Her children rushed to their mum’s aid and bravely dragged Moyo off her.

“Moyo chased after Percy into the street and showed no mercy as he stabbed her in front of her children.

“… he (had) denied murdering Percy and showed callous disregard to her family, whom he knew.

“Percy’s children have been unbelievably brave and are supported by a close and loving family. Percy was full of life, frequently described as lighting up a room and a treasured member of her church community.

“… Moyo has been sentenced to life in prison, but Percy’s loss will always be felt by those who loved her.”