UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo reveals wife cried when she was told about The Rock buying them a house

UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo reveals wife cried when she was told about The Rock buying them a house

By talksport.com

UFC star Themba Gorimbo says his wife cried when she learned about what The Rock had done for their family.

The WWE legend – real name Dwayne Johnson – initially took an interest in Gorimbo after he revealed he had just $7.49 [£5.90] in his bank account before beating Takashi Sato in May.

And after selling his fight gear from the bout where he earned $7,000 [£5,500], he used the money to build a water pump back in his village in Zimbabwe.

The Rock, whose production company is called Seven Bucks due to him having $7 after he was cut from the Canadian Football League almost 30 years ago, wanted to do something nice for Gorimbo.

In a viral video, the Hollywood actor took Gorimbo to a ‘friend’s house’ before handing him the keys and revealing the property was a gift for his family.

Things got emotional when the MMA star told his nearest and dearest the good news.

“When I told them that we got the house, we are going to move to Miami and stuff like that, my wife was a little bit crying,” Gorimbo said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“And my daughter apparently said, ‘God is blessing us because we have suffered so much.’ And it’s very true. We’ve been struggling in the background.

“For her to be saying that, that hits me a little bit as well.”

Every person in his family is reacting to their upcoming move to Miami, where he trains with UFC contender Colby Covington, a little bit differently.

“My daughter is super excited. She’s the most excited, more than everybody,” Gorimbo added.

“The other one, she’s too little. She does not know anything. All she knows is ‘Dada.’”

“My wife is a little bit nervous, she’s, like, scared of change.

“She lived her whole life in South Africa and Zimbabwe, so she’s never been on a flight overseas. This will be her first flight overseas!”

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