Mopani Gold to triple production at Zimbabwean mine

Mopani Gold to triple production at Zimbabwean mine

By Agencies

Gold production at the Venice Mine Complex in Zimbabwe will triple, according to Marc Nicolle, CEO of mining company Mopani Gold.

Mopani Gold, the operator of Venice Mine, will upgrade processing facilities, and adopt a new corporate social responsibility strategy to increase gold production from 4,000 tons per month to 15,000 tons.

The mining firm will also expand an existing 1 MW solar power plant to ensure sustainable energy supply to the mine.

“We invested nearly a million USD last year in the Abbey hoist which is now operational and is capable of hoisting the targeted 15,000 tons per month from underground on its own,” stated Nicolle, adding that “We want to also invest in exploration in time, at present we have completed a conceptual life of mine based on shallow historically mined areas.”

The exploration campaign will target deeper portions of the mine which remain untapped. The expansion program will increase employment from 400 to 1200 workers.