Meet Mimi Ndiweni: British-Zimbabwean-South African actor stars in Netflix series

Meet Mimi Ndiweni: British-Zimbabwean-South African actor stars in Netflix series

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Netflix’s The Witcher season 3 concluded with a bloodbath during the Conclave of Mages, and not only did the event turn mage against a mage and continue the desperate manhunt for Ciri, but it also saw a shift in strategy for some supporting characters.

Mimi Ndiweni

Season 3 bids adieu to Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, welcoming Liam Hemsworth next season to fulfill the role, but a majority of the cast will be returning to their respective roles alongside the newcomer, including one actor whose character is in the crosshairs of an Elven uprising. Here’s who Fringilla is in The Witcher season 3.

Fringilla Vigo (Mimi Ndiweni) was introduced within season 1, episode 2, titled Four Marks, as a sorceress from Nilfgaard and the niece of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers mage, Artorius Vigo (Terence Maynard)—a prominent figure in Fringilla’s life who inspired her to follow in his footsteps as a master illusionist.

British-Zimbabwean-South African actor, Mimi Ndiweni, began acting at a young age within the Yvonne Arnaud Mill Street Studios and the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, and throughout her career, Ndiweni has worked on a number of major projects starting in 2015.

Ndiweni first appeared as the Slipper Lady in 2015’s Cinderella adaptation and went on to star in the TV series Mr. Selfridge for eight episodes, The Legend of Tarzan as Eshe, and Doctor Who as Abby. Other movies graced by the actor’s performance include The Last Dragonslayer, Catherine Called Birdy, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, where she played a Resistance Officer.

In addition to her role in The Witcher, a portrayal that spanned eighteen episodes of the Netflix series, Ndiweni also starred in popular shows Rellik as DC Andrea Reed, Black Earth Rising as Mary Mundanzi, and In the Long Run as Beatrice. The actor currently has no upcoming roles, but we can expect her to return as Fringilla in The Witcher season 4.

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