Botched UK show: Makhadzi trades shots with Zimbabwean artist Winky D

Botched UK show: Makhadzi trades shots with Zimbabwean artist Winky D

By Agencies

A spat has emerged between South African musician Makhadzi and Zimbabwean artist Winky D after Makhadzi publicly criticised the Africa Music Festival UK for perceived sabotage during her performance.

The incident sparked a social media exchange between the two artists and their fans, showcasing a mix of frustration as well as cultural disconnections.

Makhadzi, known for her energetic performances and unique style, alleged that her set at the Africa Music Festival UK was deliberately undermined.

She accused fellow Zimbabwean artist Winky D of extending his performance beyond his allocated time, causing her own performance to be cut short.

This accusation ignited a wave of backlash from Winky D’s supporters, who defended their artist against the blame.

The controversy reached a new level as Makhadzi responded to the criticism on her Facebook account with a touch of humour and cultural affinity.

She wrote a witty comment in the Shona language, translating to:

“It’s difficult to understand what people say when you’re not a native. I am a child of the soil.”

This playful response aimed to address the criticism while emphasising her connection to Zimbabwe, leaving her Zimbabwean fans amused and appreciating her lighthearted approach.

Makhadzi’s humorous retort prompted some fans to speculate whether fellow Zimbabwean artist Jah Prayzah might have assisted her in crafting the response, considering the depth of Shona used in the comment.

Nonetheless, Makhadzi’s ability to address the criticism while maintaining a sense of cultural identity struck a chord with her audience.

In another social media post, Makhadzi continued her witty engagement by sarcastically addressing comments about her appearance.

Responding to those who had mocked the size of her nose, she humorously stated her intention to “cut off” her nose to provide critics with no further material to ridicule.

Here’s the video showing the moment Makhadzi’s performance was cut short:

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