AUSTRALIA: Zimbabwe-born Adrian Dzvuke to open for Coldplay at 60,000-seater venue

AUSTRALIA: Zimbabwe-born Adrian Dzvuke to open for Coldplay at 60,000-seater venue

By Agencies

Coldplay will get a slice of both WA and Africa if they go out partying after their Optus Stadium show this month with their Perth support act Adrian Dzvuke.

Dzvuke beat the competition to be chosen by Chris Martin and the band to open for them at the 60,000 seater venue on Saturday November 18. Now the rising muso says it will be a chance to share his culture with the band and the world after he moved from Zimbabwe at age 12.

The gig sees Dzvuke’s star rise further after his music has been played on triple j and MTV and now he wants to celebrate with the British supergroup for gifting him the slot.

“Hopefully we get to hang out,” the OYA singer told The West. “I would probably take them to an Afrobeat party. There is such a big culture in Perth in terms of that type of music, I think they’d enjoy it.”

Sounds from his birthplace inspire Dzvuke’s artistry and his own community and he wants to introduce the supergroup and their thousands of fans to the sounds.

“One thing I am super excited about is just to be able to share,” explained Dzvuke.

Adrian Dzvuke wants to take Coldplay to an Afrobeats night in Perth.
Adrian Dzvuke wants to take Coldplay to an Afrobeats night in Perth. Credit: Luke Hackett

“I put a lot of my culture in my music, my heritage and just being able to share that as an artist from Western Australia, with an African background on a world stage is very special for me and for my community and for people who look like me.”

“Culture and community is something I am super passionate about whether that be through my music, through my friendships and networks that I have created, that is something I take with me everywhere I go,” the star added.

“Being from Zimbabwe, it’s a big community there. Everyone loves each other. Everything is for everyone. We share joy, we share pain, we share everything.”



He hopes Chris Martin likes what he hears after Coldplay’s 2019 record Everyday Life featured a range of global influences.

“Being in a band so big they have travelled around the world and taken a little bit of this and that from everywhere,” said an impressed Dzvuke.

“I think a show like this puts me on the world stage in a way. Even though it is still in my home town, it is such a big boost. Even to play in front of that many people is so much exposure.”

Dzvuke was he was left “speechless” when he found out he had won a State-wide competition to support the group.

Adrian Dzvuke needs tea before singing to 60,000 people.
Adrian Dzvuke needs tea before singing to 60,000 people. Credit: Michael Tartaglia

“I mean, it’s the biggest band in the world. It’s something that I never thought would happen,” he said.

He wants to use the backstage hangout to rinse Coldplay for industry knowledge.

“I have a lot of questions!” the singer said.

“I’d love to know about their song writing and how to perform on a big stage.”

Chris Martin of Coldplay performs at the Rose Bowl, Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023, in Pasadena, Calif. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)
Chris Martin of Coldplay are heading to Perth for two nights to play to 120,000 fans. Credit: Chris Pizzello/Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

“I’d like to know how they were in the beginning and their artist journey — how they started and the things they hold on to the most — and what they think is the most valuable principle to have on such a global level and even how they balance that lifestyle,” he said.

As for his own rock’n’roll moment, the novice’s backstage demands will be pretty simple.

“I will have a lot of fruit and tea. Our band likes to drink tea. Chilled vibes,” he said of his own rider.

“I love to take a fresh shower. Even if I have taken three showers that day, I like to be freshly showered within the last two hours and I pray as well, a group prayer. I am sure the dressing room will be really big compared to what I am used to!”

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