Don’t retaliate if Zanu PF provokes you – Chamisa tells supporters

Don’t retaliate if Zanu PF provokes you – Chamisa tells supporters

By SABC News

OPPOSITION leader Nelson Chamisa has called on his supporters not to retaliate against the latest provocation on his party.  This follows the brutal killing of one of his party’s supporters, Tinashe Chitsunge, in the capital Harare on the 3rd of August.

Chamisa made the plea while addressing mourners and party supporters at Chitsunge’s funeral, whom he said his death was not in vain.

Chitsunge was murdered in cold blood by suspected ZANU-PF supporters while carrying out campaigning activities in Harare’s Glenview 7 area last Thursday.

Fellow triple C supporters sing and mourn their colleague.

On this very spot, Tinashe Chitsunge’s life tragically ended as he was stoned to death by suspected ZANU-PF supporters.

“These people who killed our colleague should be locked up. They should be locked up. If they want peace to prevail in this area, they should arrest these people,” says one supporter.

Another one adds, “They have robbed us of our vote. We are pained. Why have an opposition? It’s not about killing each other, it should be about competing.”

Chamisa visited the family of slain party supporter, Tinashe Chitsunge, to pay his condolences. Party supporters gathered around the homestead in solidarity with Chitsunge’s family.

After paying his condolences, Chamisa had no kind words for the ruling ZANU-PF party.

“Every time we have elections in Zimbabwe, there has to be loss of life. That can’t be. That’s undermining the gains of the liberation struggle. The people of Zimbabwe are not free. You can’t force people to belong to your party.”

Fellow opposition leader from Eswatini’s People’s United Democratic Movement, Mlungisi Makhanya, has also graced the funeral and has called on Zimbabweans to remain united in the fight for democracy.

“The loss and cold-blooded killing of Tinashe is not only a loss to his family, his community here in Harare and the triple c but it is also a loss to all of us who want to see change in Zimbabwe, who want to see change in the African continent who want to see a better life for our people. your loss is our loss. let us not allow the courageous blood of Tinashe to be spilt in vain. the best we can do is to come out on the 23rd and vote for change.”

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean Police have arrested 13 suspects in connection with the murder and they appeared in court on Monday. They were remanded in custody pending a bail ruling on Tuesday afternoon.

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