Zimbabwean star Ti Gonzi decides to quit music here is know why

Zimbabwean star Ti Gonzi decides to quit music here is know why

By newsinvasion24.com

Afro-singer Ti Gonzi has announced to quit music after dropping an album about making the announcement for the release of his latest album. The artist decided to drop the album ‘From Boys to Men’ on April 13, 2024, marking his birthday.

While making the announcement Ti Gonzi wrote on his official social media handle, “I just want to drop, “From Boys to Men” album on my birthday the 13th of April and then I quit music as singer ‘Takura’ did.”

He is quitting music as he will release his debut book ‘Dark Night’ and has decided to become a writer. He added, “Thereafter, I will release my debut book, ‘Dark Night’.”

Talking about the book Ti Gonzi informed that this book will talk about the life, experiences, hardships, differences, ambition, corruption, hate, spirituality and The Dream of Ti Gonzi as a Zimbabwean.

Ti Gonzi gave the reference of the artist ‘Takura’ because he has also taken retirement from the music industry as he was struggling with mental issues.

The hip-hop star announced through his Instagram handle on Feb 15, 2024, by releasing three videos in which he said, “This is by far the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. But I have finally decided to hang the boots and I am tired.”

He said that he knows what people will think because he is looking for attention, but it is not like that. He also informed me that he is working on his last project, but he is unaware whether he will be able to complete it.


Takura will drop the deluxe as his last project and said, “I wanted to drop the deluxe and that was going to be my last project but I have been struggling to even make a song.”

Popularly known as Shona Prince, Takura added, “The last thing I wanna talk about is check on your friends’ mental health, that is something real but seems like, if you are a man how can you feel all those things, going on until it is too late, so check on your loved ones.”

Supporting the artist Ti Gonzi, Wisco Chikoh commented, “You set the foundation already for these small niqqaz, I respect you big up.”

Evangelist Moses Mkenala expressed, “You still have many brighter years in music young bro. Continue to be the source of inspiration to others through your music. Never let anyone make you feel as if you are in a competition, no, you have your unique incomparable talent, continue to cruise in your lane. I love your music.”