SA man fined for ammunition at Zimbabwean airport – but not linked to bomb scare

SA man fined for ammunition at Zimbabwean airport – but not linked to bomb scare


  • A government spokesperson initially linked Durban man Cuan Reed Govender to last week’s bomb scare.
  • The National Prosecuting Authority said he was arrested for illegal possession of five live rounds of ammunition.
  • He was fined $300 by a Harare magistrate.

A Durban man initially alleged to have been linked to the Victoria Falls bomb scare in Zimbabwe last week has been fined the equivalent of around $300 by a Harare court.

The government had earlier claimed South African Cuan Reed Govender had been behind a threat that turned around planes in mid air, including one carrying Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He had been the “John Doe” responsible, according to government spokesperson, George Charamba.

But on Tuesday, Zimbabwe’s National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) did not make that link.

“The police searched his baggage and found five live rounds of ammunition. The accused had intended to board an Airlink flight to South Africa,” the NPA said.

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For sentencing for that crime, Govender appeared before Harare magistrate, Ruth Moyo.

Prosecutor Berlinda Chimuka told the court that Govender’s black satchel and blue suitcase were screened, and five rounds of live ammunition were detected in the satchel.

It was then established that Govender had no lawful authority, such as a licence, to have ammunition, leading to his arrest.

No evidence was presented that linked Govender to the bomb scare.