KATSANDE: ‘I joined Chiefs coming from poverty in Zimbabwe’

KATSANDE: ‘I joined Chiefs coming from poverty in Zimbabwe’

By Eliot Mahlase I Izinja zeGame

SOUTH AFRICA: Former Kaizer Chiefs captain Willard Katsande has blasted Amakhosi’s current crop of players for lack of winning mentality.

During an interview with Izinja zeGame with Josta Dladla podcast, the former Zimbabwean international question players’s commitment to the club.

“When I joined the club, I came with the mindset that, you know what, I am coming from poverty in Zimbabwe, that’s why I was so serious about serving the club,” Katsande told Izinja zeGame with Josta Dladla.

“I believe that’s something we are lacking in our camp at the moment. It’s not about how talented you are, it is about the mentality.

“During my time in the village, there was a culture, there were ranks and respect. I feel like now we lack the leadership in the squad that can ensure we get back to where we are known for,” he continued as per Goal.

“But now, if you don’t have a dressing room, everybody is coming, some are coming for Instagram followers, this is serious.”

The former Chiefs captain won several trophies during his eight-year stay with the club.

“We knew that the success is within the house, we were supposed to have replaced Josta Dladla with a player while Dladla was still there, by the time Dladla leaves, that young player would be a top player because he would have learnt something from him,” Katsande said.

“While everybody was busy celebrating Dlaldla, the young star already knows the demands because he’s replacing a good player.

“So getting rid of the core was the problem because sometimes it’s not about kicking the ball, it’s about the dressing room,” the former Chiefs captain added.

“When I came to the club, you guys were still there, and I accepted that I’m young, and I had no issue, I respected my senior players because that was the culture in the dressing room. I feel like now we lack leadership.”