Businessman loses US$100,000 to Kenyan ‘magicians’; they claimed they could increase the money threefold

Businessman loses US$100,000 to Kenyan ‘magicians’; they claimed they could increase the money threefold

By Crime & Courts Reporter

HARARE: Businessman Nyasha Masoka lost US$100,000 after being scammed by Kenyan ‘magicians’, a city court heard at the weekend. 

Masoka was reportedly conned with the connivance of his friend and former Makoni North legislator James Munetsi.

Court heard that the Kenyans, only identified as James and Solomon, claimed they could ‘magically’ increase the money to US$300,000.

The Kenyans have yet to be apprehended.

Munetsi (57) appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi on Saturday charged with fraud. He was remanded in custody to this Tuesday for bail application.

According to prosecutors, Munetsi approached Masoka at his business premises last month in the company of the Kenyans.

Munetsi introduced the two accomplices as magicians claiming they could multiply cash. 

A demonstration was then staged where a US$10 note was ‘magically’ increased to US$30. 

Munetsi persuaded Masoka to source a larger sum of cash giving him assurance that the deal would boost his business. 

Court heard that on December 7, the Kenyans visited Masoka’s residence where he agreed to engage in the deal.

The businessman reportedly gave the Kenyan accomplices US$100,000 which was to be magically increased to US$300,000.

The Kenyans reportedly wrapped the cash up after mixing it with pieces of black paper and some unknown substances.

They however swapped the bundle of real cash and replaced it with a similar one containing pieces of paper. 

After a waiting for 24 hours as instructed by the magicians, Masoka checked the bundle and discovered that he had been duped. 

A report was made at police Avondale and detectives carried out investigations, leading to arrest of Munetsi. 

The US$100,000 was not recovered.