Bear Grylls says he ‘should have been paralysed’ in Zimbabwe horror stunt gone wrong

Bear Grylls says he ‘should have been paralysed’ in Zimbabwe horror stunt gone wrong

Bear Grylls has opened up about his horror parachuting accident in Zimbabwe over three decades ago and said he “should have been paralysed” after the incident.

By The Express UK

Bear Grylls has said he “should have been paralysed,” after a horror parachute stunt went wrong.

The 49-year-old daredevil was involved in a freak accident that happened almost three decades ago when his parachute failed to deploy properly at 16,000ft while on a trip in Zimbabwe in 1996.

Speaking about the terrifying incident to Radio Times, Bear said: “It was a dark time.

“Physicality was such an inherent part of my life, my upbringing, my job in the military – and suddenly I couldn’t even reach a bathroom without being in agony.

“But I had an awareness that I was lucky – I should have been paralysed,” he divulged.

After the parachute failed, Bear landed on his back on top of an unopened reserve chute.

He fractured three vertebrae and was told by doctors that he might never be able to work again.

He previously told the Mirror: “It really shook me. I was 21 and spent so much time strapped in braces in hospital while everyone else my age was charging around doing their best to conquer the world.

“I was in a dark place, stuck in the hospital having done a job I really loved and now struggling to even reach the bathroom without real pain.

The Channel 4 star admitted that he wasn’t sure about his future and if he would ever get through the agony he was dealing with.

He continued: “I was so unsure of the future. The thought of ever returning to the SAS seemed ridiculous.

“I was trying to rebuild my life, rebuild my confidence, but not knowing if, physically, I was ever going to be able to get back to a place of not being in agony when doing the simplest of things.”

Bear went through a long year of rehab and hard work and was able to get back on his feet again.

He went on to defy all odds and became the youngest person to ever climb Mount Everest.

The dad-of-three said the accident gave him a new lease of life and didn’t want to waste a second chance at life.